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The calibre of the pre-press is crucial for the later quality of the print results. Repro and proofing are fundamental elements of pre-press. The consistent application of colour management is an important precondition. The aim of this step in the process is to perfectly match the print data to your reference artwork.



Repro for every printing method
Quality check of repro
Proofing on original substrate


Before the reproduction work is carried out, the incoming data and artwork are checked to make sure they are usable for repro and printing. This step, known as data handling, is important because high-quality printing requires faultless data. We can handle all the usual data formats.


Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einYou can download our information about data transfer here:



Our qualified team of specialists is at your disposal for your product. Our team's many years of experience in the fields of packaging and relief printing make the difference in ensuring perfect print results.

We apply all the important colour reproduction principles as appropriate:

    • Chromatic composition
    • Chromatic composition with under colour removal (UCR)
    • Grey component replacement (GCR)
    • GCR with under colour addition (UCA)
    • Duotone composition for vivid greyscale images
    • Multi Colour Separation CMYKOGB

    In addition to this, imaging with HD Flexo and special screens, or object-oriented half toning both produce excellent print results. We use separations in spot colours where these are required.


    Colourmanagement & Proofing

    The purpose of colour management is to produce an essentially identical and location-independent colour impression on different output devices such as monitors, printing proofers and printing machines. The print profiles of your machines form the basis for colour management. Continual colour space analyses ensure that there is a high consistency between proof and print. 

    To allow you to see beforehand what you will be getting, we use the latest proof software from GMG and high-performance software. We also reproduce the production print on the appropriate substrates. We can even reproduce printing on metallised or transparent substrates with or without a white background.

    For all print Methods


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