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We use two ESKO CDI laser imagers with high-resolution imaging. At 4000 dpi, these guarantee very finely modulated dot and line contours together with significantly more grey tones and smooth gradations. They are the basis for a wider colour space and vibrant reproduction. The image resolution of 4000 ppi comprises around 2.5 million pixels, edge length 6.35 µm, per square centimetre. We can image print-stable screen rulings of up to 198 lpi. (approx. 80 L/cm) and are working on 248 lpi. In combination with HD Flexo, a tonal value range of 1 to 99% is achieved in printing.



Cutting System
Mounting with high resolution camera


We secured a technological advantage in 2011 with AWP technology. The product name AWP stands for Asahi Water-washable Plate. In this new and innovative plate-making technology, the unexposed monomers do not cross into the solution; instead, they are filtered out of an essentially closed-loop water cycle as floating particles. The plates do not absorb any liquid in the production process. They are dried in-line with a surface air jet during the processor run. The result is very short platemaking times.


Cutting- & Drawing Plotter

We use a cutting plotter to separate imposed gang forms into single plates or to cut out the contours of your carved polymer varnishing plate. For the plate-mounting (complete plate for corrugated board printing), we draw the contours of the packaging on the backing films and proofs.


Plate Mounting

For simple jobs, the plates are mounted by hand into complete plates on large-area mounting tables. For complex jobs requiring great precision, we use our Macroflex flat-mounting unit or our round-mounting device, which is also used to produce the check proofs



Should you require any further technical information or answers on the processes, developments and new plate types, we would be happy to supply these in a personal meeting. Please contact us.



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