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It is not the equipment and systems a company owns that make the difference but the extent to which it has mastered them. Together with our sister companies, we put to the test all the established and leading-edge imaging and exposure technologies, together with umpteen screens, both our own and those commonly available, and a wide selection of the best printing plate materials. The results decided our investment decisions and our Group strategy. In the most comprehensive development programme in our industry, we have built up a knowledge store of which material and which processes produce the best print results.


You can share in this advantage.


High resolution and ideal screens used with the most appropriate exposure and finishing techniques ensure particularly light and stable highlights. We can provide you with flexo plates of this kind using existing processes and Kodak NX technology.




By controlling the presence of oxygen or its targeted exclusion optimal dot shapes and surface structures can be generated. Round top dots (RTD) and flat top dots (FTD) produce the best results with the right screens and imaging principles. MicroCell and DigiCap structures improve ink transfer, laydown and density. We tailor their use to your needs.




Flexography can do many things better than competitive packaging printing processes. The most difficult area is highlights. The physical limits dictate the smallest-possible stable, imageable screen dots on relief printing plates. We have the expertise and the technologies needed to achieve the optimum.




Making the right choice from the enormous pool of proven and new plate materials requires precise knowledge of their characteristics: their strengths and weaknesses, and their behaviour under real-life conditions. With this knowledge, an informed choice and a targeted use can be made, and ever-increasing stock levels avoided.

We can make the right choice for your requirements and printing environment.

[Translate to Englisch:] Vertikalversatz

[Translate to Englisch:] Der Zuschnitt aufzugsfertiger Ganzplatten mit Vertikalversatz ermöglicht den mehrbahnig versetzten Druck mit deutlich verbesserten Rundlaufeigenschaften. Das erleichtert den Aufzug, verbessert die Register, reduziert den Gap-Schlag und ermöglicht höhere Druckgeschwindigkeiten.

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