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Washer for Asahi Waterwashable Plate - solvent free
Aquaflex - Washer - solvent free

The production process is energy, material and chemical intensive. This makes it all the more important to us to always reduce their use to a minimum. 

The measures we take include:

    • Closed loops that return the distillate to the washout process
    • Replacement of conventional systems with solvent-free AWP technology
    • Simultaneous reduction in energy consumption, since this technology does away with energy-intensive drying
    • Heat generated by machines and equipment used as heating support
    • Imposed gang formes to reduce material and energy consumption


      In addition, the consistent use of colour management, an optimal material selection with high print-run consistency, as well as precisely fitting plates and register-true varnishing plates, save time, energy and waste in the printing houses.