Our product portfolio includes photopolymer plates for flexography, letterpress and letterset printing; photopolymer and polymer varnishing plates for offset finishing; and photopolymer embossing dies. It is complemented by directly engraved elastomer printing formes and varnishing plates, together with the data files for screen printing plates and cutting dies.



Flexo printing form
Varnish printing form
Letterpress printing form


Flexo plates are flexible printing plates for flexography. We predominantly use plate types from the leading brands Dupont “Cyrel” and Flint Group “Nyloflex”. These are complemented by high-quality plates from other manufacturers, since 2011 from the Asahi AWP system in particular. At around 90%, flexo plates account for the lion's share of our production programme.

There are flexo plates for all kinds of different applications with custom-made features. This ensures that the appropriate printing plates can be delivered for every print job. Our product portfolio covers the entire scope of flexography applications, from adhesive labels right through to large-format direct printing on corrugated board. We produce digitally imaged flexo plates in thicknesses of from 0.76 to 6.35 mm and in formats up to 1270 x 2032 mm.


Letterpress printing plates are photopolymer plates with greater rigidity on steel, aluminium or polyester backings. Although “nyloprint” was originally a BASF product name for this type of plate, it is generally used across all sectors to refer to any photopolymer letterpress plates. Our range comprises printing plates in thicknesses of from 0.73 to 1.75 mm. Their traditional application area is as platens. The main uses today are:

  • rotational and translational (semi-rotational) letterpress
  • letterset (often incorrectly referred to as dry offset because it is an indirect printing process)
  • blind embossing


    Varnishing plates make it possible to add a special and unique finish to your sheet-fed offset work. These could be gloss, matt or spot varnishes, as well as textured varnishes, scented varnishes or many more. Or you can use varnishes for opaque printing with metallic pigments. 

    Varnishing plates are an important part of our product portfolio. We produce photopolymer varnishing plates on aluminium backings in up to x6 format and on polyester backings up to 3B format. These digitally imaged plate types transfer high varnish quantities and make it possible to achieve excellent detail reproduction.

    Carved polymer varnishing plates, in other words plotted and stripped varnishing plates, complete our product range from small formats through to x9 format. 

    All the varnishing plates in our range are also suitable for use with UV and dispersion varnishes. Our product range for offset finishing is rounded off with screen underblankets and embossing dies.






    Screen underblankets take the place of the rubber blanket in packing for varnishing work. Particularly when printing smaller fonts and delicate elements with metallic pigments, a special technical grid has the advantage of selectively absorbing the forces in the impression nip.






    Our production programme includes photopolymer embossing dies as male moulds or in male/female sandwiches for blind embossing. They can be used in platen or embossing work up to ISO A0, as well as varnishing work on sheet-fed offset machines as male moulds in up to a 3B format.




    For screen printing, we supply the plate constructor with the colour separations as data files to prepare the screen.