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Our quality management covers the entire production process. We only deliver tested products. The most important work in quality assurance is carried out by the individual workers. The technical tools just serve as a support. 

The production process is accompanied by an end-to-end control regime. First of all, the print data is checked. Calibrated monitors and check proofs ensure it matches the reference artwork. Imaging is carried out with test wedges; the equipment is monitored and maintained according to a fixed regime. An output inspection is performed on the single plates.

We also use the measuring and test equipment in our special test chamber. For instance, Flex3Pro is used to capture and measure print-ready plates in 2D and 3D. This technique also helps with a quantified assessment of printing.

High resolution camera
Detailed view of screen dots
Archieve microscpoe picture


We also have ourselves checked.

Certificates document the products' high quality and the safety of the production processes. These include:

    • Esko – a certificate for the expert use of HD Flexo technology in the current original version

    In addition to this, we would be happy to demonstrate, in customer audits, how we ensure the high quality of your orders.