IMPULSE SCREEN delivers an unprecedented technological leap in flexographic printing. A completely new screening technology provides printers, brand-name manufacturers and retailers with a brand new, extremely high-quality printing resolution, which also provides further benefits along the eco-friendly supply chain. If you have any questions or need further information about the technology, please contact us with confidence. Learn more about the new “Flexo Market Standard” here.

IMPULSE SCREEN and its advantages:

  • Up to a three times finer resolution than conventional HD flexographic printing applications
  • No need to invest in new anilox rolls or machine technology
  • Reduced dipping of the screen elements on the anilox roll due to the new screen technology
  • Reduced drying of printing elements in the production run
  • Ink saving due to the new distribution of printing elements on the cliché
  • No additional equipping necessary, despite high resolutions on the printing press
  • Reduced impact stripe formation
  • No more moiré effects in the print run
  • Highly optimized options for future-oriented 7c color applications
  • Increasing the OEE

IMPULSE SCREEN also enables simplified access to new customer markets. #easierprinting #fasterprinting #sustainablepackaging