Pre-press with Cl. Jaehde GmbH

The performance of the pre-press process is crucial for the subsequent quality of the printing result. Repro and proofing are central components of pre-press. The consistent application of color management is an important prerequisite. The optimum adaptation of the print data to your reference template is the aim of this process step.

technical final artwork of the print data

Data handling

Prior to repro-side processing, the incoming data and artwork are checked for the feasibility of the reproduction and printing. The so-called data handling is important, because high-quality prints require perfect data. We can process all common file formats.


Our qualified team of specialists is at your disposal for your product. The many years of experience of our employees in the areas of packaging and letterpress printing are decisive for an ideal printing result.

We purposefully apply all the important principles of color reproduction:

  • Multicolored structure
  • Chromaticity with under color removal (UCR)
  • Uncolored structure (GCR)
  • Uncolored structure with color addition (UCA)
  • Duplex composition for vivid grayscale images
  • Multicolor separation in CMYKOGB

In addition, imaging with HD flexographic printing and customized special screens or object-oriented screening lead to ideal printing results. We apply separations into special colors where necessary.