Our services

Reproduction for a perfect printing result

The preparatory work for a perfect packaging result can sometimes be varied and complicated since a number of things must be taken into consideration. Has the EU Food Information Regulation been observed, is the punch correct and is overfilling present? You are in good hands with us because we have been answering all these questions for over 50 years.

Cross-project color management

Foil, corrugated board, solid board – and with a uniform appearance. Although essential, it is not always a given that a mark will look identical on every substrate. We take care of exactly that, and we do it with heart and soul.

3D view of packaging

3D at any time, whether haptic or digital

Getting an idea – or a package – ahead of time is always a good idea.

Before you submit your complete print run to the press, we will create a digital 3D view of your new product, rotated by 360° with all finishes if desired, or printed mock-ups, which, of course, are also refined.