Our environment is important to us


The production process is energy-, material- and chemical-intensive, making it all the more important for us to steadily reduce consumption to a minimum.  

Among others, these measures include:

  • Closed loops that return the distillate to the washing process
  • Substitution of conventional systems by solvent-free AWP technology
  • A simultaneous reduction in power consumption, as this technology does not require energy-intensive drying
  • The use of machine and equipment heat for heating support
  • Investition in energiesparende Beleuchtung im gesamten Betrieb
  • Investment in energy-saving lighting throughout the plant

Imposed collective form to reduce material and energy consumption  

The consistent application of color management, optimum material selection with high run stability, and precisely fitting forms and coating plates that are true to register also save time, energy and waste in print shops. Sustainability and social commitment are very close to our hearts. We therefore support Aktion Mensch, an organization whose main focus is inclusion.